10,000 Closings at Nest + Nest County Fair


That’s a big number

When we started Nest almost 10 years ago, there were but a few of us in a small office in Downtown Charlottesville. We’re a bit bigger now, with 11 offices, and more coming.  We are grateful for each and every person who has chosen to work with us, and look forward to the next 10,000.


Nest County Fair

The next Nest County Fair is around the corner – a time for us to celebrate our clients, thank them, and enjoy each others’ company … at the biggest darn party in Charlottesville.

Again, for some perspective, our first Nest County Fair was a small tent with nearly 100 people, two kegs, we ran out of bbq and went to now-defunct bbq place in the City of Charlottesville and closed them down.

In 2018 …  we celebrate our clients with one of the biggest events in the City and attendance is in the thousands. And we have a bit more beer and bbq.

We are thankful, grateful, and moving forward. Boldly.

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