Yard Sizes and Generational Assumptions

My definition of a functional yard

  • Big enough to throw a ball for a kid or a dog
  • Room for small garden (tomatoes, herbs, etc)
  • Able to open the door at 2:30am and let the dog out

Recently, I was talking to clients who said, “we’re old and getting older …” so they wanted a couple specific things in their new home.

  • Newer construction
  • Energy efficiency
  • Small, low maintenance yard
  • Smartly-designed spaces
  • Sidewalks, bike lanes
  • A bit of space between houses

I answered, “young people want the same things.” Age doesn’t matter. With a broad brush, I’d argue that a large percentage of homebuyers (at least in the Charlottesville market) want the above. And the market is shifting to the point where buyers are choosing to wait for the right home solution.

Wanting to live the best life possible is a cross-generational thing. Simple. 



I ran into a client a while ago who had sold her house and is now renting. She gave me a big hug and was exuberantly happy that she was renting, not doing yard work, not worrying about the house … she was able to live her best life – outside of the house. And her happiness was palpable.

Homeownership is great; it’s not for everyone.


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