Buying a Home Timeline

What’s the process and timeline for buying a home in Charlottesville? This is a rough guide that incorporates some of the steps. *

Buying a home in Charlottesville timeline


  1. Meet the Realtor (really, start here. Also, I am one.)
  2. Define your criteria (my survey is a good place to start)
  3. Prequalify with a good local lender
  4. Look at homes
  5. Refine your criteria
  6. Look at some more houses
  7. Make the offer.
  8. Negotiate
  9. Contract
  10. Inspection
  11. Negotiate
  12. Settle inspection
  13. Lender stuff has been ongoing; ramps up now
  14. Loan commitment
  15. Quiet period
  16. Final Walkthrough
  17. Close
  18. Move
  19. Easy, right? (there’s more, too, but I though 18 was enough)
  20. Bonus: it seems easy on paper … it’s always way more stressful than this makes it seem.

Questions? Ask.

Next: Selling a home timeline.


*I do these types of posts for a couple reasons

  • I hope to help/educate some readers
  • Helps me flesh out the timeline and understand clients’ expectations
  • I’ll send this out to new buyer clients to help them get started.
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