Secure Your Doorbell, For Pete’s Sake

What is your doorbell’s password?

Is TFA an option? Do you have two-factor-authentication turned on? You should.

Even on your thermostats (see: Family Says Hacked Nest Cam Terrorized Them With Fake Ballistic Missile Alert)

In 2018, I represented sellers with solar systems installed, Nest and EcoBee thermostats, Ring doorbells, SimpliSafe security systems.

I deliberately chose a robot vacuum that does not have wifi (seriously, why does a vacuum need an IP address?)

I suspect I’ll be representing buyers and sellers in 2019 and we’ll be discussing the smart home systems that have smart thermostats, doorbells, security, solar, video, motion …

Smart security practices are key. If you have smart stuff in your home, make sure they’re secure. Or … have an analog home.

You never know who’s trying to hack your doorbell/refrigerator/vacuum/washing machine/thermostat/etc, or when Amazon employees might be getting access to your doorbell’s camera.



What is this House’s Operating System?


MustOught-to-listen: The Lawfare Podcast: Senator Mark Warner on a New Cyber Doctrine

… to combat the sort of information warfare and cyberattacks used in that election, as well as the more general and staggering cybersecurity threats posed to U.S. persons and entities, the Senator lays out a detailed series of recommendations for this doctrine, emphasizing: establishing international cyber norms and rules; combatting disinformation and misinformation; hardening networks, weapons systems, and Internet of Things devices; realigning defense spending; and strong federal leadership.

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