Sellers – Pretend You’re Seeing Your House for the First Time

Does your doorbell work?

Are you sure? How often do you ring your own doorbell?

I remember visiting an unrepresented seller many years ago to discuss marketing her home She was surprised when I noted that she ought to fix her doorbell as it wasn’t working.

She never rang it, as she was one of the rare homeowners who parked her car in her garage.

Pretending you’re seeing your home for the first time is one of the best things you can do.

Stand on the front porch. Look around for a minute or two, as if the Realtor is opening the lockbox.

  • Are there bugs in the front porch light?
  • A birds nest on top of the column?
  • Is a light burned out?
  • Maybe some paint would be useful?
  • Is the front door in need of painting?
  • How about the backside of the fence?

Go through. Make a list. The next buyer isn’t going to want your holes.

Fix the Sticky Door. A Tip For Sellers Prepping for the Market

We all have a sticky door. Fix it.That door that’s been sticking for the past seven years, and you live with it because that’s the way it’s always been? Go ahead and fix that.

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