Best Way to Learn Charlottesville – On a Bicycle

It’s the time of year in Charlottesville when I’m able to ride my bicycle to meetings around the City. Anything under 2 miles (which is often the case), and I try to ride the bicycle I keep at Nest Charlottesville.

Notably, bicycle time is often much faster than car time.

One of the highlights of riding to meetings is that I can ride slowly, stopping to haven impromptu conversation with a friend or client, or to stop to notice the things that make Charlottesville Charlottesville, that I don’t get to stop and see when in my car. 

I was talking to a colleague about this recently; you can learn the streets and neighborhoods much better if you ride a bicycle. I vividly recall the (good) smells of a street in Charlottesville from a couple years ago – tomato plants, cooking smells, gardens, and yeas, fresh air.

Try it, if you can. You might like it.

Little Free Belmont Library

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