Creating Content. It’s Worthwhile Work

Writing matters. Writing is a way for me to work through ideas, publish things I send often to clients, archive thoughts, and provide, for better or worse, a track record for people to learn about Charlottesville and, me. Not everything is, or has to be, real estate related; there’s more to life than that.

As much for you, as for me to have a post to send to clients

  • RealCentralVA – real estate blog, and resource with a pile of good information that I reference in conversation and email with clients daily.
  • RealCrozetVA – community blog that I’ve written since 2005. Now seemingly a historical reference and resource for the “town” of Crozet, Virginia.
  • Monthly Note – written since 2012, this is where I write some of my very best stuff. Market insight, and stories from Republished here for posterity & search ability. I highly recommend my clients, past, present, future, subscribe.
  • RealPodVA – podcast I do with Dave Stipe from Rockfish Music and Bart Isley from Scrimmage Play (don’t tell them, but they’re two of the best & most genuine people I know). We talk about real estate, community, and occasionally deviate on tangents.
  • Sweat the DetailsNest Realty’s podcast with me, Jonathan Kauffmann, and Keith Davis. We talk about real estate industry trends, design, market statistics, strategy, and more.



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