Sweating the Details with Starr Hill

Nest Realty’s Sweat the Details welcomed Josh Cromwell from Starr Hill for a fascinating and enlightening conversation. I learned a lot about Starr Hill from this discussion, and like them, and their beer, even more due to it. Listen, and subscribe to the podcast here.

Our guest this week was Josh Cromwell, CFO with Starr Hill Brewery, located in Crozet, VA. In 1999, Starr Hill became the second craft brewery to open in the Commonwealth, and is now among more than 250 brewers in Virginia, delivering over 28,000 barrels of beer each year.
We were able to talk about the rich history of Starr Hill and the importance of a successful re-branding of their products. We covered the difference of new product launch and re-presentation of existing beers that are strong sellers that have loyal followers.

And finally, we talk about the importance of the local involvement with the community and the way that community drives culture. Why employee culture is so important to Starr Hill and recognition and rewards.

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