Writing a Bit Less on the Blog

I’m writing less here, and that’s ok. It’s not for a lack of ideas (I have a long list of drafts), or time, necessarily, but I’ve been focusing on clients so much that my drafts are remaining drafts for a bit longer. 

As I wrote in my monthly note (you really should subscribe; it’s the best stuff I write) in 2017

I’m writing less on the blog, but writing better here. I don’t see myself ever ceasing to write on the blog, in large part because of these 10 reasons (all of which I’ve identified before, but it’s nice to see the “10 reasons to write” neatly displayed like this). If I had made the list, #3 would have been #1; to paraphrase: writing makes me a better real estate professional. Period.

But I’m still here. Call or text anytime. (but please don’t leave a voice mail; more on that in the coming April note) – 434-242-7140.

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