A Pile of Money, And the Rest of your Life: Buying a Home

“A huge amount of money, and the rest of your (and your kids’) lives.”

I say this to most of my buyer clients at some point of our working relationship, sometimes at the beginning, and sometimes just before we make an offer to purchase on a house.

I’m not kidding

Great (hell, or even competent) buyer or seller representation appreciates the gravity of the buying and selling decision-making process.

I don’t have a real point to this story, other than to say that what we (my clients and I) do together has potentially life-altering consequences, and that can be terrifying, or at least humbling.

Big or small house, we’re talking about people’s lives. Complex, and simple.

Seeking guidance, insight, and discernment? Happy to talk anytime.

Information is what we call it when a human being takes data and turns it into a useful truth.

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