We’re Not in a Rush to Buy … But Want to Work with you

“We aren’t in a rush to buy, but we would love to work with you.”

I get that a lot.

And my answer is always the same one or three stories.

Finding the right home takes time.

Story one: fast

One buyer client called me out of the blue. A past client who had moved away, needed to come back to Charlottesville and needed to be as close as possible to a certain location. He knew the market, knew the location, and had found a home that fit enough for him to call me.

I went that day, took a video of the house and sent it to him. It was a filthy house, and I told him so, pointing out the negatives and positives, and we concluded that the positives (location, easy to move in quickly) outweighed the negatives. He bought it, and he’s happy there.

Story two: not as fast

A buyer who was renting would reach out to me early each year as his lease was up for renewal. Could we find the right house in the short timeline he had to justify giving up a pretty good rental?

We’d look, not find anything, and he would renew his lease.

And he’d email me the next year.

I just checked my email, and it looks like we did that for four years. And we found the right home, and he’s still happy there.

Question: How long does it take to find the right house?

Answer: It takes the time it takes.

Interested in working together to find and maybe buy the right home in Charlottesville? Start here.

Interested in a conversation to figure out if now might be the right time to sell your home in the Charlottesville area? Here’s where to start.

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