Schools Realignment in Charlottesville City

Setting aside the conversations about the merits, challenges, costs of the Buford Middle School renovations in the City of Charlottesville, people looking to purchase in the City of Charlottesville will need to be aware (as do real estate agents) of where kids will go to school in the coming years.

From Charlottesville Tomorrow

Construction will break this June and is expected to continue until 2026. The new facilities will be outfitted with updated ventilation, lighting, accessibility, and enhanced measures to ensure students are safe and engaged while in school, according to a City Schools newsletter. The new proposal also includes an outdoor classroom and a school-yard garden. 

The project will allow City Schools to reconfigure its current upper elementary and middle school system. Right now, Buford houses the city’s seventh- and eighth-grade students, while fifth- and sixth-graders are at Walker Upper Elementary.

Once the rebuild is completed, City Schools plans to move the sixth-graders to Buford and the fifth-graders to the city’s elementary schools.

City Schools plans to then transform Walker into a facility for pre-kindergarten students. The building is set to have renovations, but the city has not determined how it will fund it. 


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