Who Knew HOAs Could be Progressive? No Woodstoves?

No woodstoves in your neighborhood?

Woodstoves. No woodstove (including free-standing and fireplace insert) shall be installed, maintained or used  on any Lot.

Read the HOA packages, folks. My clients found this when they read the HOA docs. There’s often some interesting things in homeowner association docs.

I wrote this story in 2008 referencing a bill that failed in 2008.

Is this the type of thing sellers would have to disclose?

§ 15.2-922.2. Regulating wood burning fireplaces in certain localities.

In any locality with a population density of greater than 1,000 persons per square mile, the locality may by ordinance regulate the use of wood burning fireplaces in any portion of the locality where such use may constitute a nuisance to adjacent residences. Such ordinance shall not apply to any dwelling that does not have an adequate source of heat without burning wood.

See the bill at Richmond Sunlight.

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