Tiger Solar on Nest’s Sweat the Details Podcast

I loved this conversation. I asked a lot of questions, and learned an awful lot. It’s a discussion about residential solar, a fossil fuel company investing in renewable energy, and a lot more. Part of that “lot more” was Russ Edwards, Tiger Solar’s President, answer to “what detail do you sweat?”

This was a great conversation with Russ Edwards from Tiger Solar and Greg Slater. We talked about solar – residential and some commercial, the sales process (and how they don’t do hard-sells) customer service, and a lot more.

Here’s the Tiger Solar episode of Sweat the Details by Nest Realty

Russ’ “detail that he sweats” is a great one — the bolding is mine.

I sweat callbacks not people calling us and not necessarily that we’re getting a call that a system isn’t working or something’s wrong with that I work really really good at taking care of that stuff But what I really sweat is my team and our being very consistent with returning calls promptly, with being super responsive, with making sure that nobody ever had to double click, come back to us. And I think it’s, I don’t know entirely why,

I just think customer service is the holy grail and doing it consistently and doing it well. I think it’s like a… a, a calling that every business should have and aspire to and like be just doggedly determined people are really important.

And there’s a lot of noise out there and it’s really busy and really fast. And it’s so hard to do, but we just want to answer the phone and call people back

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