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Belvedere and Wickham Pond

The County has finally approved the latest Neighborhood Model planned development – Belvedere, about which I have previously written.  The County’s constant delaying tactics have, due to market forces in my opinion, most likely driven up the prices of these properties, once they get built.  WINA and the DP report.What will the impact be of adding up to 775 units to East Rio Road?…  In a possible moment of clarity, Supervisor Ken Boyd asked, ““Just how far ahead of infrastructure do we want to get with these developments?””

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Green – It’s about Saving Money

While by no means a comprehensive list, some of the green homes in Charlottesville can be found in the following neighborhoods: – Belvedere – Old Trail – Westhall – Wickham Pond – Avon Park – Poplar Glen – Montgomery Ridge The Code of the Commonwealth of Virginia allows for :

…Energy-efficient buildings, not including the real estate or land on which they are located, are hereby declared to be a separate class of property and shall constitute a classification for local taxation separate from other classifications of real property. The governing body of any county, city, or town may, by ordinance, levy a tax on the value of such buildings at a different rate from that of tax levied on other real property.

…Energy-efficient building certification for purposes of this subsection shall be determined by any qualified architect, professional engineer, or licensed contractor who is not related to the taxpayer and who shall certify to the taxpayer that he or she has qualifications to provide the certification. — Part 1- Quick Update on the Charlottesville Real Estate Market Part 2 – Short sales and Foreclosures in Charlottesville Part 3 – Homebuyer tax credit in 2010 – Who’s Eligible?

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Where is the Affordable Housing in Charlottesville and Albemarle?

Since 2004, more than $1.5 Million in cash proffers for affordable housing have been offered to the County and of that about $400,000 has been collected.

… These proffered units are required to be affordable to residents earning 80% of the AMI and are generally intended for purchase whereas public housing is generally directed at families earning incomes at or below 30% of the AMI.

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This is What a Foreclosure Auction Looks like in Charlottesville

It was actually quite boring until you think about the pain that the builders, homeowners, contractors, community members and banks are suffering. Foreclosure Auction for Church Hill's properties Here is my Twitter stream from the auction –

Jim Duncan Twitter Stream albemarle charlottesville Foreclosure Basically, the bank bought all the properties for themselves; they believe there is a market for the properties and they’re right … it’s the price that matters.

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Central Virginia development moves on

The traffic study work session next month should be interesting.As always, Cvilletomorrow has much more information as well as a podcast of the planning commission’s meeting.Wal-mart is finally coming to Greene County!…  There has been much discussion locally about the merits of Wal-mart, but I do know that my clients in Greene will welcome this addition to their community.  Soon they won’t have to go to Culpeper or CharlAlbemarle, Yesterday at an open house for a new development, I was interested to see that their solution, as approved by the County, to the affordable housing situation is to provide affordable “accessory apartments….  More at the County’s website.Fluvanna’s clustering is moving forward and Daniel has his thoughts on the newest Fluvanna development.Housing inventory is up, but development plugs on, and for many, that’s a good thing.

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