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Nothing Better than Fresh-Picked Strawberries from Crozet

There’s nothing better than a morning at the orchard with the family, picking strawberries, drinking fresh strawberry milkshakes … Seriously good strawberries from Chiles Orchard in Crozet .

… We’re lucky to have so many local orchards in the Charlottesville area ; making time to take advantage of them is the challenge. Further, now farmers in Albemarle are more free to sell their goods .

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Friday Chart – Million Dollar Charlottesville Homes

Looking at the first 77 Days of the past six years … Just in Albemarle County, these are the number of homes with asking prices over one million dollars that have gone under contract in the first 77 days: In Charlottesville and Albemarle County: All told, the “million dollar” plus category has been a relatively small segment of the Charlottesville area real estate market, and from a high-level view seems to be relatively stable. More analysis to come … See all Friday Charts

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Check Out Crime in Charlottesville

Is one of the most important questions my buyer clients ask. … This is the perfect opportunity for the County of Albemarle and City of Charlottesville to cooperate, share, partner, whatever. … For buyers looking in the City of Charlottesville – search for crime by neighborhood, address, intersection, bus stop, Charlottesville City parks … at Charlottesville Crime View . Thanks to WCAV for the report .

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Please Google, Bring Fiber to Charlottesville

From now until March 26th, we’re asking interested municipalities to provide us with information about their communities through a Request for information (RFI), which we’ll use to determine where to build our network. More at the Wall Street Journal From TechCrunch : Google owns its own vast network of dark fiber around the globe to connect its data centers, speed up search, and lower its cost of streaming billions of videos a month on YouTube. … It is not clear what Google services will come with a broadband subscription, but it is a safe bet that Google will be the default search and Gmail will be the default email. … Charlottesville has been consistently rated as a top “Digital City” and while I think it’s a bit of a silly designation, why don’t we capitalize and leverage this?

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More Charlottesville Real Estate Data than You Might Have Wanted

This is going to be a developing post as I read through Barry Merchant’s presentation from this morning. Barry Merchant’s VHDA presentation at Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors (PDF) Additionally,

Nest Report Here is an advance copy of the Nest Report, what we believe to be the best, most “comprehensive and transparent analysis of the residential real estate market in Charlottesville, Albemarle and surrounding counties, prepared quarterly by Nest Realty Group.” Nest Report – Year End 2009, Predictions for 2010 (PDF) Comments, feedback and input welcomed.

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Nest’s Growth is Good

The move combines two of Charlottesville’s most successful real estate firms and expands the 1-year-old Nest Realty team to 14 full-time real estate professionals. It also paves the way for Nest to expand its services from a primary focus on residential real estate into commercial real estate and leasing. … … All agents must have a minimum of three years experience, practice real estate full-time and earn their Broker’s license shortly after joining the firm. With almost $4.7 million in sales per agent and 13.75 transactions per agent, Nest Realty agents more than doubled the production for the average Charlottesville Realtor in 2009.

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