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Diverse Solutions Introduces Partnership with Walkscore

We love being able to put in an address Walk Score, but it makes it SO much better when you don’t have to constantly look up the Walk Score for each address for each property you’re interested in buying / leasing.    2. … Even if our clients choose not to show the “Search by Walk Score” search panel, they can still enable the functionality to allow their visitors to see the Walk Score for each listing in both the search results and property details.

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A Great Time to Buy! (a house in Charlottesville)

They didn’t invest in an ATM; they’re not getting a HELOC to finance their burgeoning real estate investment club, and I suspect they won’t be pulling money out of the house to buy a new car to keep up with the Jones. … All I can do as a Buyer’s Agent is advise my clients as to the current state of the market, what the comps ( more active and under contract than sold ) indicate is a fair price, and manage and guide them through the transaction.

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Charlottesville and Albemarle Sold properties by price range

As promised last week and with apologies for the delay, this is the breakdown by price range of sold properties in Charlottesville and Albemarle for the first quarters of 2004-2008.

… This is just for sold properties; I do analyses of inventory levels, absorption rates and number and percentage of under contract and withdrawn (likely due to rental) properties for my clients or for “paid-for” deeper analyses .

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