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Agent Genius Spheres and News

Agent Genius Rocks Agent Genius , the national real estate news magazine, launched two new features/branches this morning – AG Sphere and AG News – If you’re a consumer curious about what some of the best and brightest real estate minds have to say, or if you’re in real estate and want to learn about real estate trends, technology , mortgage news , even finding a local real estate professional and general movements within the industry, check them out. *Disclaimer: I am honored to be one of the writers at AG, but that doesn’t influence how impressed I am by what they continue to do.

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What’s outside the window?

I’ll be adding these photos to my listings soon – what’s outside the window of the house, what the street looks like, what’s to the left and right … not just because a client mentioned it to me the other day, but also because Google just released Panoramio : Have you ever looked at a photo and wondered what was beyond its edges – just what was left of that castle or what the facade of Notre Dame looks like from close up? … I only wish we could integrate this into the MLS … but we’re relatively limited in the photos we can upload and then we’d likely run into the “you can’t have your own branding!”

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