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Thanks to our overlords at Google, you can now translate RealCentralVA into any one of 51 languages. I have been working with a fair number of international buyers this year. While everyone so far has spoken English as well as if not better than native speakers of English, I thought this would be a great way to expand my reach.

Automatic translation is convenient and helps people get a quick gist of the page. However, it’s not a perfect substitute for the art of professional translation. Today happens to be International Translation Day, and we’d like to take the opportunity to celebrate the contributions of translators all over the world. These translators play an essential role in enabling global communication, and with the rapid growth and ease of access to digital content, the need for them is greater than ever. We hope that professional translators, along with translation tools such as Google Translator Toolkit and this Translate gadget, will continue to help make the world’s content more accessible to everyone.

Not everyone looking for Charlottesville real estate is from the States. 🙂

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