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Do you Google people you meet?

It’s simple business intelligence. Google-search-results-for-Jim-Duncan-in-Charlottesville.png – If I’m in a meeting with my laptop open and my phone rings with number I do not recognize, I’ll quickly Google the number (it’s amazing how many Realtors’ cell phone numbers aren’t found via Google) – if it’s a client and it’s important, I’ll likely leave the meeting* to take the call. … *I love volunteering and working on various Realtor committees – they bring value to my business in a variety of ways – but if a client calls while I am in Strategic Planning for the Virginia Association of Realtors, my and my clients’ Strategic Plans come first.

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What will MLS data standards do for the consumers?

With the recent talk of how forthcoming data standards are going to make property data sharing more efficient and thus better for consumers and Realtors, here is one of my requests – I’d love to see a (Google) Mashup (or the MLS would be even better, and I think a no-brainer) providing an overlay of school districts. … Even better, make it so that registered users could make their own pages with all their important locations to help them organize their thoughts and help their Realtor representatives better understand their thoughts and thought processes.

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