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Moving to Charlottesville?

Clubs/Networks (just a sampling) Charlottesville Young Professionals Charlottesville Sports and Social Club The next three came from my curiosity – I started typing in “Charlottesville [blank] club” into Google and quickly figured that there’s likely a club for anything and everything (seriously be creative when you try it!) – Charlottesville Track Club Charlottesville Hiking Club Charlottesville Drinking Club Rentals – For most people relocating blind to the area (having only been here once or twice) I would much rather we take a “rent now, buy later approach” (although this is certainly not “one size fits all” – each person and situation is different).

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Albemarle County Property Tax Rate set to Increase

However, Tucker will base his budget recommendation on a 76.7-cent rate, with 2.5 cents set aside for the rainy day fund, because home assessment values in Albemarle didn’t decline as much as officials had projected in December.

…Maybe not, based on last year’s budget process ( thanks to Cville Tomorrow – bolding mine): By a split decision, the board asked that the budget process begin with a 77-cent real estate tax rate, with 2.5 cents of it set aside for a rainy day fund.

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Reflecting on Zillow’s Influence Over the Past Three Years

A lot has changed in the real estate tech space, but the real estate business remains a belly-to-belly business, with client relationships solidified with handshakes and time spent together in the car, in houses, at the coffee shop. Zillow in Charlottesville, Virginia Zillow’s presence in the Charlottesville real estate market is negligible; in spite of this I’ve always considered them another tool in the good Realtor’s toolbox. … I for one, have welcomed the opportunity to answer this. (more in a later post) Brian Boero at 1000Watt Blog offers this kick ass post on Zillow’s three year anniversary – (bolding mine/read the whole thing) The real estate industry owes Zillow a debt of gratitude, whatever their fate may be.

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Design and Context Matter

I see print as irrelevant for marketing houses, but relevant for branding – branding me as a professional, my company, my profession all of which constitute my brand. … This one, too, shakes everything up – The invention of printing did away with anonymity, fostering ideas of literary FAME and and the habit of considering intellectual effort as private property.

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Billable Hours, Straight Commission, Hybrid or Both?

One giant stipulation for this somewhat hypothetical discussion is this – in this make-believe world of fairies and unicorns, the buyer pays the buyer’s agent and the seller pays the seller’s agent – in other words, we have succeeded in rending total control of the buyers’ agents’ compensation from the seller and the sellers’ agents. ( hint : we’ve divorced the commissions ). … And when the agents representing the buyers have nothing to give away but conversely have to place a price on their services and actually charge their clients directly, the associated accountability will only benefit the buyer… So let’s assume that the buyer is willing to pay her buyer’s agent .

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