Print Media is …

In 2006, I was a few years early in my prediction.

There’s a place for print media, and advertising homes for sale in Charlottesville ain’t it.

Branding a brand – or brokerage – consistently in print gives readers the impression (and illusion as the case may be) that a brokerage is viable and successful.

“Have you heard of Google? Search “Gourmet”! There’s a ton of sh*t.

For those unfamiliar with Gary Vaynerchuk:

But in less than three years, Vaynerchuk has built an audience of 80,000 for his daily podcasts on wines good, bad and mediocre. That’s enough people watching to fill the Meadowlands every day.

With Wine Library TV, Vaynerchuk has taken what was an ordinary, family liquor store in Springfield, N.J., and turned it into a multimillion-dollar wine Mecca (Vaynerchuk’s father, Sasha, is president and CEO of the business). He’s done it by making himself the online voice of a large, passionate and loud community of wine drinkers united in demanding more honesty and less marketing about what’s inside the bottle.

Have a look at Nest Realty Group’s print ads:

Nest Realty Group Print Ad

Nest Realty Group Print Ad

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About Jim Duncan

A Charlottesville Realtor who tries to stay on the bleeding/cutting/functional edge of technology and real estate trends. I have been selling real estate for the past 10 years, lived in C'Ville for twenty+ and am married to one of few Charlottesville natives left.
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  • sean carpenter

    Jim – nice ads. Have you ever read the book “Small Giants” by Bo Burlingham? The sub title is “Companies that Choose to Be Great Instead of Big”

    It’s a good read

  • sean carpenter

    Jim – Have you read the book “Small Giants” by Bo Burlingham? Exact same message as your new ads. The sub title of the book is “Companies that Choose to Be Great Instead of Big”

    It’s a very good read.