Is Parking Too Cheap in Downtown Charlottesville?

Parking in Downtown Charlottesville is limited, and likely will get more limited when the Market Plaza is under construction and completed. Now this: The Downtown Business Association of Charlottesville has asked the City Council to consider charging for on-street parking within the downtown core. “Our present on-street free parking system is not serving the needs of the public or the businesses downtown and […]

“Charlottesville” is a great “holiday town”

“Charlottesville” is a great “holiday town” … whatever that means.

Travel & Leisure Magazine ranked Charlottesville as #22 in their list of “America’s Best Towns for the Holidays.”

Two notes:

1) I’ve gleefully driven through the Corner multiple times since (most of) the students have departed; it’s so much quieter right now.

2) I put “Charlottesville” in quotation marks as the Magazine clearly means “the Charlottesville area” …