Nest’s New Construction Market Report – 1st Half 2015

Charlottesville New Construction Sales by Price Range

  Short analysis: - New construction in the Charlottesville MSA is up year over year. - Albemarle is dominating new construction, with the City of Charlottesville third behind Louisa County - Median price for a paper listing (unbuilt/proposed new construction - of which there are currently 146) listing in the Charlottesville MLS for a single family home in Albemarle County is $532K. - Same as above for the City of Charlottesville is $384K -- keep in mind Read More

Timbercreek Market on Preston is Open. And it’s Awesome

Timbercreek Market in Charlottesville

I stopped into Timbercreek Market on Preston Avenue today for lunch (and talked to Will Richey about the place) and all I have to say is that I've found a fantastic new lunch spot, and a place to get fresh produce, great cheeses, and darn near any kind of meat available.  Clever bathroom signage is a nice touch. Local places like this help make Charlottesville a great, cool, and delicious place to live.  Once Blue Ridge Cyclery and Beer Run's Kardinal Beer Hall & Garden open, I can see spending a bit of time there.  Photos after Read More