SO Much More than a Hole in the Ground

2012-02-08 13.20.37

"From the perspective of the rest of the world: one random hole in the ground. For our family on February 8, 2012: the greatest looking slice of earth we have ever seen!!!" My client posted the above comment on the site I created to help them and us track the progress of their new home. Lots of people buy and build homes; to each Over the past couple years, I have helped quite a few clients build new homes - it's a fun, occasionally stressful and ultimately very rewarding process to see the finished product - both my clients and the Read More

Belvedere Pioneers Celebrate One Year

A fascinating and insightful post from Kate at Belvedere that is clearly heartfelt and one she may have struggled to write. She highlights some of the ups, downs, surprises and disappointments. As I represented them and they are friends, I'm delighted with her closing: "but overall, my expectations have been met and even exceeded." Sitting down to write this blog entry has been hard. I dragged my feet to this spot. I have been thinking about it for at least Read More

Belvedere is Moving Along

Kate says that clear, definite and positive progress is happening in Belvedere: And then joy of joys, we learn a family with kids is moving in next door, one is a boy my son's age! I mention this to my son and he says, Don't obsess about it mom. The other day, the four of us (Bret, myself and our two kids) hopped on our bicycles after dinner and cycled all around Belvedere and Dunlora. As we arrived back in our garage, I lifted up a tennis racket and Read More