Greene and Fluvanna news

Trying to stay regionally involved and up to date … very difficult to do. All counties are facing similar issues with growth, as shown in the respective candidate forums and public meetings.

From an article by Nancy B. Miner in the Central Virginian:

In a meeting that at times turned contentious, with more than one curt exchange between speakers and county officials, the Fluvanna County Planning Commission voted Sept. 26 to approve two by-right rural cluster subdivisions in an A-1 agriculture zone.

Growth is everywhere. Watching how the different localities deal with and manage the growth is interesting. From today’s DP, by Megan Rowe.

If you build it, they will come. This seems to be the theme for Virginia’s fifth-fastest growing county. When Fluvanna County officials begin the process of updating the county’s comprehensive plan later this fall, they will seek resident input for improvements to the county’s designated growth areas.

Trying to please 100% of the people is an impossible task, not worth attempting. Growing as efficiently and as wisely as possible should be the goal of all involved.

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