“Exclusively marketed by”

These words, “Exclusively marketed by,” are infuriating, as they are, in my opinion, misleading and confusing to the average real estate consumer. You see this all over the area (and other regions as well) … the impression that this phrase often makes is that in order to see or purchase one of the homes in a certain development, the consumer must contact the marketing/listing company.

Not accurate. With the advent of Buyer Agency in the late 80’s and early 90’s, most buyers are best served by having their own representation, as the listing agent represents the best interests of the Seller, not the Buyer. Dual Agency is an option, but one would be wise to be very careful – there is an inherent conflict of interest. For this reason, I have not yet been a Dual Agent – a long-term career is best built without needless questions about one’s integrity or loyalty.

The dual agent’s position is one of neutrality, which means the agent cannot favor one party over the other, cannot offer negotiation assistance, and cannot disclose the confidential and personal information of either party to the other party. The agent will typically make every effort to act impartially and facilitate a win-win conclusion to the transaction. (from VAR’s site)

Do you want your Realtor to be “neutral” or do you want him/her to be your advocate? Would you feel comfortable with the same individual representing both sides of a transaction? Would you feel comfortable with the same attorney representing both sides?

Simply put, the “marketing agency” is representing the Seller/Developer and they are the ones paying for the signs.

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