Builder’s Blitz in Charlottesville

I have been negligent in not writing about this event, starting today in Charlottesville. I make a general rule not to post press releases and such (and have written about Builders’ Blitzes a few times), but this is an exception, due to Habitat for Humanity’s outstanding mission and the real need for both affordable housing and homeowners who take investment and responsibility in their homes.

Home Builders Blitz 2006 will take place this summer, June 3rd – 10th. The formula is simple. Builder/Architect teams have been matched with house sites and qualified Habitat partner families in our program completing their “sweat equity” hours. In that week the builders will complete six simple, attractive and sustainable homes and the families will move in soon after to take up an affordable mortgage as homeowners. The homes are located in the Fifeville neighborhood of Charlottesville, an area consisting of 70% rental units.

Building six houses in seven days – priceless.


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  1. TrvlnMn June 3, 2006 at 21:56

    What are the addresses of those six houses?

    They’ve got 2 houses on the street near my rental property that have been under construction for damn near a year.

    I’d like them to finish those two first!!

    The city repaved the street- nice new asphalt, and then Habitat had do dig/cut it up to hook up to the sewer lines.. so no more nice new pavement.. Big waste of money because of lack of planning on both Habitat and the City’s part.

    I was the lone hold out in favor of “habitat” in my area, but damn.. most people would’ve been finished by now.

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