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Are Americans Ready for Smaller Houses? Time Will Tell. I, for one, believe that smaller houses are poised for a return to prominence and vogue. More and more, I have clients asking for utility bills. Witness the condo boom – good, functional, efficient spaces that are well-located sell well.

Sustainable cities

Treehugger roundup: Green Issue, a Green real estate firm, Green business performs well. Allowing the free market to work will ultimately be far more effective and efficient than top-down governmental regulations.

What good does this prohibition do, besides promote dishonesty, sneaking and death?

Crazy dangerous physics teachers

Where has our common sense gone?

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  1. Erin June 6, 2006 at 15:57

    Smaller houses are definitely on the way in again – they tend to be considered more “neighborly” than McMansions, and the architectural details often are more pleasing than a cookie-cutter subdivision.