Baby Steps

What does a good Realtor do for his or her clients?

Yesterday I was walking my two and a half year old down the stairs. For the first set, she went alone, step by step by step. (there are seven, we counted) She went slowly and deliberately and she made it.

For the second set of stairs, I held her hand. She flew. Flew down the stairs, unhesitatingly, trusting my guidance one hundred percent.

One day she fell down two or three stairs (she was alone). I picked her up, calmed her fears and assured her that she would be alright.

A good Realtor will seek to prevent the falls and guide the path to a smooth transaction. Some stairs are more tricky than the others – but we’ve been down most of them them all before.

Note: I almost said that she “literally flew down the stairs,” but thought better of it.

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