How to market a very personal property

I generally don’t blog about my listings.  I have, on occasion mentioned one or two, but I don’t think that this blog is the place for talking about properties I am marketing. If you want to search for homes in the MLS, (here are a few more places to search) there are places for that. If you want to see our listings, go here.

… But. I recently put a house on the market that is important for a couple of reasons. First, it is a unique house in several ways: first and foremost, it is a contemporary home that has been renovated with extraordinary detail – the list of which is extensive. Second, it is the rare home in which the owners have aggressively and pre-emptively addressed water infiltration. They have re-landscaped with dry-set stones, poured aggregate spillways flank the house, there is tiered landscaping, erosion control, new trees, shrubs, ground cover, they resealed the foundation installed new copper gutters & downspouts – a virtual check-list of what to do to defend a home against water.  Third, it marks the start of my meeting one of my goals for 2007 – to work in a higher price range.

But how to quantify those touches that are of such exceptional quality? How best to convey the intent and desire of the owners to never move? The renovations were made with that mindset, which is quite different than so many other “renovations” – made solely to recapture that cost when the property is ultimately sold.

While preparing to market this property, I started to study real estate photography a bit (and discovered this great site in the process). It is shocking that I have been in the business for six years and am just now educating myself on real estate photography (other than the wide-angle lens I purchased several years ago). One thing I learned – hiring a professional makes a difference.

Marketing this home has been and should be fun.

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