Limited service agency bill in Virginia

Find it here; it will be effective on 1 July of this year. I would be curious to know how many Realtors  (and consumers) have read this new law. Interesting addition:

“Limited service representative” means a licensee who acts for or represents a client with respect to real property containing from one to four residential units, pursuant to a brokerage agreement that provides that the limited service representative will not provide one or more of the duties set forth in subdivision A 2 of §§ 54.1-2131, 54.1-2132, 54.1-2133, and 54.1-2134, inclusive. A limited service representative shall have the obligations set out in the brokerage agreement, except that a limited service representative shall provide the client, at the time of entering the brokerage agreement, copies of any and all disclosures required by federal or state law, or local disclosures expressly authorized by state law, and shall disclose to the client the following in writing: (i) the rights and obligations of the client under the Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act (§ 55-517 et seq.); (ii) if the client is selling a condominium, the rights and obligations of the client to deliver to the purchasers, or to receive as purchaser, the condominium resale certificate required by § 55-79.97; and (iii) if the client is selling a property subject to the Property Owners’ Association Act (§ 55-508 et seq.), the rights and obligations of the client to deliver to the purchasers, or to receive as purchaser, the association disclosure packet required by § 55-512. A limited service representative may act as the agent or representative of the client only by so providing in writing in the brokerage agreement. If the brokerage agreement does not so state, the limited service representative shall be deemed as acting as an independent contractor of the client.

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  1. Apella February 26, 2007 at 17:23

    Thank you for the item, I will be researching it because I think that it is only at the start point and VA is ahead of the curve in the writing of laws, I do not know if they are detailed enough yet and so of to researching I go. Thanks again for the topic was a great read!