Real estate will always be local

But the tools used to display that local content and data will not be. Forsalebylocals notes the value of local content, coincidentally on the same day that I received a heads-up about a new data mashup startup, Fortius One, which looks quite interesting.

Ideally, FortiusOne will provide the ability to localize their content on websites (like my blog or real estate search site, for example), assuming they provide an API and I can figure out how to use it. What will their maps all you do?

    * Choosing your ideal neighborhood using crime, population and commute data
    * Identifying your target markets using age, income and occupation data
    * Educating yourself and others using pollution and environmental impact data

A map of the USA for those relocating is useless. A map with the same data, only drilled down to specific neighborhoods would be extraordinarily valuable.

As Pat Kitano said:

On just one map however, the obvious value is in identifying niche neighborhoods across a variety of variables

Real estate is and always be local; now we just have to make sure the data is complete and accurate.

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  1. Henry May 23, 2007 at 17:59

    We selected your blog as the best real estate blog in VA (most recent post). We created an award ribbon if you’d like, just drop me a line.