You’re buying your Monday mornings

You’re buying your Monday mornings.

And your Friday afternoons, and your weekends … and the people next door …

Showing property this weekend, I put words to a change that I have recognized as the market has shifted. My clients have the luxury of time to do more and better due diligence prior to buying a home. Yesterday afternoon, we took a brief stroll around the neighborhood. Granted, it wasn’t the best day for it, as the rain was intermittent, but the point is we had the time to do so (and we’ll probably do it again today).

I encouraged my clients to take the time on Monday morning to drive from Point A to Point B during rush hour … and then from Point B to Point A Monday afternoon. If you’re going to do it five days a week for the next several years, shouldn’t you do it at least once before you buy?

We are all adjusting to the changing market, and this is one of the benefits to the shift. You can change paint, carpets, kitchen counters … but it’s a lot harder to change the way you feel about your neighborhood when you come home on Friday afternoon.

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