Posts with Enduring Interest – Take Two – Just for Buyers

Last year I wrote this post – Posts with Enduring Value – and I have referred to it many, many times in conversations and emails with clients and potential clients. As it was time to update the post, I thought I would do one post for buyers and one for sellers (coming next week).

Choosing the Right Buyer’s Agent

Proof that Gas Prices are affecting buyers in Charlottesville area

A Cautionary Tale – Yet another Due Diligence Question for Buyers, Sellers and Realtors

You’re Buying Your Monday Mornings

Online Buyers’ Habits Changing

Why take a Buyer’s Agent to New Construction?

Top 5 Questions Home Buyers Ask … and what your Realtor can’t answer them.

Rolling the Dice with Buyers & Being Selective– why jumping in the car with anybody who wants to see a house is neither the most efficient nor most professional use of a Realtor’s time. Also – Steering Buyers’ Agents

The Value of Transparent Blogging

Out of area lenders – the answer to why one should work with a local lender; in short – accountability.

Questions to ask your agent in Charlottesville – hiring representation should not be taken lightly

Default Position – one of many posts written on the perils of Dual Agency – for the frequently unsuspecting Buyers but for the Realtor profession as well.

“Exclusively marketed by” (related post) – when you see the signs on developments that say “Exclusively marketed by,” it may not mean what you think it means.

Check your school district before you buy

Ten Mistakes Buyers Make

Market Statistics Category– some of the best information here comes from the commenters who gratefully contribute.

After writing for nearly three and a half years about the Charlottesville/Central Virginia real estate market, sometimes it’s useful to pull out a few of the more important and useful posts for reference at a later date.

Lest I forget, there’s one more – Contact Jim Duncan.

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