New Disclaimer/Disclosure forms in Virginia

The main change is this text on the Residential Property Disclaimer Statement (PDF) (and the Disclosure as well, but those are rarely used in the Commonwealth of Virginia).

The undersigned owner(s) represent that there are no pending enforcement actions pursuant to the Uniform Statewide Building Code (§36-97 et seq.) that affect the safe, decent, and sanitary living conditions of the real property described above of which the owner has been notified in writing by the locality or any pending violation of the local zoning ordinance which the violator has not abated or remedied under the zoning ordinance, within a time period set out in the written notice of violation from the locality or established by a court of competent jurisdiction, except as disclosed.

The full bill is here, and even better, Richmond Sunlight highlights the changes. If you are buying or selling real estate in Virginia, you do have a choice as to which form – Disclosure or Disclaimer – that you may choose.

Note: another set of Disclosures/Disclaimers will be arriving 1 January 2008.

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