Hugh MacLeod Sums Up my Blogging Philosophy in One Sentence

There’s so much more to the conversation and debate, but this succinctly states what I’ve tried to do over the years:

People should come to your blog, not because somebody drove them there, but because it was important for them to come there.

Otherwise you’re just wasting your time, otherwise you’re just acting like everyone else.

If you’re curious, read the whole thing.

As I said in 2006:

Blogging seems to be on the cusp of losing its roots. There is a torrent of new corporate blogs that I fear may detract from the community aspect that is so vital to blogging.

If you write well, the traffic will come. If you write transparently, the readers will recognize that. If you have the passion for buying, selling, representing clients, marketing, innovating and adapting to changing markets – that will show.

Sure, there are tools which can be used to help “capture” those readers and convert them into “leads,” but my feeling is this – those readers who are tuned into the market and to information gleaned from blogs don’t want to be captured. They will expose themselves to their prospective representation when they choose. Hopefully, through my writing I’ll have a shot.



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