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Belvedere Neighborhood Seems to be Turning the Corner

A lot has changed since Belvedere’s inception, but it seems that they are in the process of turning the corner.

In May of this year, I noted that sales in Belvedere had been increasing, following up on an account from Bret in Belvedere about the neighborhood’s growing activity and energy.

The neighborhood has been struggling for quite a while, but it seems that now things really do seem to be looking up :

Belvedere is doing awesome! We now have 70 homes sold, with more under contract, several spec homes being built and only 15 spots left in Phase One! Our annual HOA meeting was just a few days ago and we are still thinking over all the information. The community voted a member onto the Board (a big deal, since we often have issues that need addressing and did not have any Board presence until now per the HOA agreement). The meeting was full of excellent and interesting news.


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Charlottesville’s Food Trucks – They Do Exist!

Who knew Charlottesville had so many food trucks? (this one doesn’t count)

I was inspired to look for Charlottesville’s food trucks in part by this query on Google+

Apparently SF, Boston, and Austin have thriving food truck scenes. These are also tech hubs too. Is there a relation?

Subsequently, we had quite the discussion on Google Plus. Turns out, Charlottesville (led by UVA) has more than a few food trucks. (I had no idea there is a TV show called “The Great Food Truck Race.“) And I’m sure there are several not listed below.

Charlottesville has a burgeoning (if not thriving) tech segment what with the University’s incubators, many, many startups and small tech firms and more. So why not a food truck scene?
Update 14 May 2013: C-Ville has a great rundown of the food trucks in Charlottesville.

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