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Real Estate and Coaching Soccer – More Similarities than You Know

Like coaching soccer, there’s no real manual for practicing real estate representation.

I’ve coached soccer for about 12 years now, first my older daughter for seven years and now I’m in my third year coaching my younger one. Few things bring the the joy, frustration and enduring, lifelong satisfaction as does coaching soccer (more on the community aspect in a later story).

A few weeks ago we were warming up before a game. Mind you, this is U-8 (under 8 years old) soccer – 11 little girls. I was kicking the ball with one of my girls and she suddenly turned away.

She was crying. And I had no idea why.

I put my arm around her, kneeled down beside her and asked what was wrong.

She said, “my mommy and daddy aren’t here to watch me play.” (she had come with another parent)

Heart breaking. and –

This wasn’t in the coaching handbook!

Like life, real estate and soccer, the handbooks (you know, the ones with all the fine print written in invisible ink?) doesn’t cover much of anything useful.

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Whose Responsibility is it to Disclose an Historic Property or District?

“It never dawned on us that we wouldn’t be able to paint it.”

Whose Responsibility is it to Disclose an Historic Property or District in Charlottesville?

It’s not the Sellers’ responsibility: (bolding mine, link to the Code of Virginia added by me)

(b) The seller makes no representations as to any matters that pertain to whether the provisions of any historic district ordinance affect the property. Purchasers are advised to exercise whatever due diligence they deem necessary with respect to any historic district designated by the locality pursuant to §15.2-2306, including review of any local ordinance creating such district or any official map adopted by the locality depicting historic districts, in accordance with terms and conditions as may be contained in the purchase contract, but in any event prior to settlement on the property.

This question was raised Monday night at the Charlottesville City Council meeting*

I’d stopped watching by this part, but was asked on Twitter:

Hey @JimDuncan whose job is it to tell purchasers re historic guidelines when buying houses? Or do buyers have to figure it out? #Cville

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The Festy Experience 2011 at Devil’s Backbone Brewery

Devil’s Backbone Brewery hosted the 2nd Annual Festy Experience last weekend, and I was hugely impressed, not only because it was perfect weather, great camping, phenomenal music, great food and beer and clean grounds … I also was lucky to hear from friends who had driven for several hours to attend. They were unanimous in their agreement that those of us who live here are privileged to live in such proximity to such a wonderful festival.

The Festy is extraordinarily kid-friendly and offers plenty of opportunities for a not-so-kid friendly experience; next year I’ll probably take my little one.

Sometimes it takes “tourists” to remind us that we live in a pretty awesome place.

The Festy Experience

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