Friday Links – 16 December 2011

Charlottesville is a Great Place to Retire – Isn’t it about time that these lists stop referencing Charlottesville as having been rated the “best place to live” in North America in 2004? Charlottesville is a great place to live; 2004 is so 8 years ago.

Redfields Rezoning Denied (Charlottesville Tomorrow) – I suspect that even though it’s denied, this isn’t the end of this story.

The Buyer Pool Revisited (San Diego Castles) Click through for one of the funniest graphics depicting buyers’ expectations in this market. Also a reminder: There is NO National Housing Market.

Student loan debt — and default — will hurt home sales (VARBuzz) – This is something we discussed here a few months ago; the higher education bubble is one that is going to affect everything for years to come.

Living by Default (The New Yorker) – Defaulting strategically makes a lot of sense sometimes.

Best Parking Job Ever. (Bill Risser) – It’s funny. Watch it. And please don’t do this to my car.

I love PolitiFact.

Did you see how Americans’ rights are about to be stripped? So much for being the “land of the free.”

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