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A Kind Word about My Monthly Notes

I received this soon after I sent out my monthly note:

As always, thank you for writing and publishing this note. Even though, thanks to you, we are happy where we are I love learning more about the market and area.

To which I say: Thank you. I write these for the real estate consumers – the buyers, the sellers, the curious voyeurs who might be or are thinking about moving back to or within the Charlottesville area.

Many people know how much I dislike using testimonials to market my services – I find unsavory using the kindness and thanks of my clients to market, even though I know that most wouldn’t mind at all.

I’ve said several times this year that I write my best stuff in my monthly note, and each month I’m proud of what I produce there – in spite of the beat-my-head-against-a-wall errors I’ve made.

If you’re interested, I’d gladly send you December’s note (and every subsequent one). Just ask here .

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Do You Know What You Don’t Know about County Public Meetings?

What happens in public hearings affects darn near everyone.

So much happens in Albemarle County Board of Supervisors meetings that the public doesn’t find out about – and then get up in arms about, or support – until it (whatever it is) is too far along to change.

I try my best to follow what happens in these meetings as I think it’s part of my job to know more than my clients – whether buyers or sellers. I need to know what might be happening over there that might impact their quality of life, traffic congestion, shopping options, potential resale competition, growth and human settlement patterns, property taxes – you name it, it’s covered at local public meetings.

For example, the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting is chock full of stuff that will affect people’s lives and property values, and these public hearings are all over the County – Barracks Road, 29 North, Pantops, Crozet …

Public Hearings (links go to PDFs):
• ACSA-2013-0002. Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc
• ZMA-2012-00003. Out of Bounds

• ZMA-2012-00004. Avon Park II
• ZMA-2013-00001. The Lofts at Meadowcreek

• ZMA-2012-0005. Hollymead Town Center (A-1)

• ZMA-2013-0007. North Pointe Amendment

• ZMA-2013-0002. Pantops Corner

• SP-2013-000015. Mahone Family

• ZTA-2013-00006. Residential and Industrial Uses in Downtown Crozet Zoning District (“DCD”)

If you’re interested in following these public meetings, two of the more prolific tweeters of public meetings are Neil Williamson of the Free Enterprise Forum and Sean Tubbs of Charlottesville Tomorrow.

To be equitable, I looked for the Charlottesville City Council’s agenda but it has not yet been posted. (actually it’s postponed, per C-Ville)

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No Good Way into Downtown Charlottesville Right Now

Downtown Charlottesville  Construction

Right now, there seems to be no good way into Downtown Charlottesville right now. These projects are short lived, but I’ve heard from many people that it seems there are more road projects and construction as Charlottesville than at any other time in recent memory.

Construction of the Battle Building on one side of West Main (more from UVA Health News)

Construction of the interchange at Mcintire and 250

Construction of the Residence Inn at the intersection of West Main and Mcintire/Ridge

What projects am I missing?

If you must make it into our out of Downtown Charlottesville, the best way I’ve found as of yet is 64 – 5th Street Extended. What are your best routes?

While we’re talking about the future of West Main – if you’re looking for something to do tomorrow

Update 9 DecemberSean Tubbs at Cville Tomorrow has a great report on the West Main forum.

(click through for an embedded map)

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Three Charts Depicting the Charlottesville Real Estate Market Entering December 2013

Curiosity stole an hour of my morning … I intended to update only the Crozet “When do homes come on the market” spreadsheet, got lost there for a bit and decided to look at the Charlottesville MSA numbers.

2012’s Charlottesville MSA sales trends – looking at when homes came on the market, when they went under contract and when they closed.

When do homes Come on the market in Charlottesville - 2012

And 2013

Well, this is interesting.

When do homes Come on the market in Charlottesville MSA - 2013

And the differential between 2013 and 2012.

When do homes Come on the market in Charlottesville - 2012 versus 2013 - differential

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