I Might Move to Charlottesville – What Should I see on my Exploratory Visit?

I need to budget time in my day to walk through here.

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What should we visit to see if Charlottesville is the city for us?

Charlottesville is a great place to live (I take pictures of Charlottesville here and here), but there’s more to Charlottesville than you’ll find on the many lists on which we find ourselves (here’s the most recent).

First – please rent first if/when you choose to move to the Charlottesville area.

Second – here are some tips for homebuyers in the Charlottesville area.

Third – When having this discussion – “should we move to Charlottesville?” I’d suggest considering what it is you do now, how/where do you anticipate living (what are your triangles?) in Charlottesville? Where do you think you might want to live? This is important — please, have coffee with a good Realtor and get context (please – this isn’t about me being a Realtor, but me being a human who wants the best for people) to the Charlottesville area and real estate market.

Fourth – real estate in Charlottesville can be seen as expensive, and there are some popular neighborhoods.

My response to the specific poster who likes hiking, needs great schools, and more.


“Move” is a four-letter word – it’s exciting, traumatic, intimidating, expensive, and stressful. Have questions about the Charlottesville area or market? Please ask me.

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  1. RobE November 19, 2015 at 07:12

    I would definitely espouse the benefits on the Rivanna Trail network (http://rivannatrails.org/) to any potential “hiker”, “runner” or “off road cyclist” that is looking to move to Charlottesville/Albemarle. The Rivanna Trail and its connectors provide about 30 miles of in city/county trails. Many people hike, run, walk and bike segments of the RTF and it is an oasis within the city.

    The county and city are actively looking to add more and more “Green Spaces” to the network that eventually will connect N. Albemarle all the way to S. Albemarle and the James River.

    1. Jim Duncan January 10, 2017 at 07:14

      This is fantastic. Thanks, Robe!

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