Trees Matter

Trees in Foxchase Landing in Crozet
Trees in Foxchase Landing in Crozet

Trees matter.

I don’t know if the inspiration came from the Crozet community meeting last week in which someone referenced the Lorax, or if it’s because of recent interactions with buyers, but I’m renewed in my thinking and belief (many/most?) people want to see trees from their homes.

Trees on one’s own property present their own challenges of maintenance (limbing, killing ivy), and of raking leaves (although if you like the earth, leave them) and roots. But … trees that are nearby providing shade, privacy, and all sorts of benefits to nature and life.

Besides the location of the Foxchase Landing neighborhood (schools, proximity to grocery, yadda yadda), people seem to like the trees. Two things have come up consistently recently:

  1. Many of the trees are going to stay because they are in a conservation area
  2. The roads are probably never going to be through roads (this is always subject to change)
  3.  #2 is big, in Charlottesville and Albemarle

Charlottesville Tomorrow notes recently when discussing the coming Brookhill development on 29 North:

“We’re all puzzled as to why you have this road on here at all,” Elliff said. “I don’t see any need for a cut through like this.”

Alan Taylor, Riverbend’s president, said the county identified the road on its master plan and said it is a necessary part of the rezoning.

“Interconnectivity between neighborhoods is a goal of the county,” Taylor said. “The county wants that connection, and so if we don’t want to make it, they are going to say, ‘well, then you’re not going to get through staff.’”

Having reasonable assurances

–  that trees and roads will stay as they are today – is valuable, and that value is both intrinsic and potentially priceless.


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