List Now, or Wait Until Spring?

Buyers looking in Charlottesville already know that they should be starting their homebuying journey.

A lot of Charlottesville sellers are asking, “Should I list now, or wait until Spring?”


That’s a question I’m trying to answer often right now.

As with most things in real estate and life, the answer starts with, “it depends”

What are you trying to accomplish, (yes, I know, “sell the house!” is primary), but what else?

  • If nothing else, take exterior photos now.
  • Is the house vacant now?
  • The Charlottesville real estate market has its selling season (February through July-ish), but if your house is ready now, and you have the option, and you can pull it off, why not list now?
  • The stigma of days on market.
    • Might as well take a shot between now and the late December holidays. Any informed buyer (and agent) is going to check out the house’s history. If you don’t sell between 15 November and 15 December, and pull it off the market, a reasonable buyer will understand.
    • I think the stigma was more real when the days on market data was less available, and agents and sellers could game the MLS. Data availability and transparency has minimized the perceived stigma.
    • The last few market analyses I’ve done have had comps with wide-ranging histories, from one that went under contract in under two weeks, to one that has been on (and off) the market for over a year, and has dropped ~$100K.
  • What does the inventory look like right now in your market segment?
    • Is there a lot of competition? None?
    • How is the competition priced?
    • How fast is it moving?
  • If you were able to sell now, where would you go?

Short story

Should you list now? Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s have that conversation.

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