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Dealing with Home Buyers’ New Psychology

When we started, we were looking at new construction, and I had to tell them that whatever they wanted changed would have to be done by them, at their expense after closing, as the builders were not going to make any concessions or alterations. … That’s a difference that matters – both to actual sales numbers and perceived sales numbers – to the market’s collective psyche, if you will. See for yourself (PDF). Add to this the fact that the average Days on Market in May 2006 was 69 and the average Days on Market in May 2010 is 106 and the market rightfully feels slower.

…Many Sellers don’t want to “give their homes away” (hint: price your home to sell from Day One ) and many Buyers want to feel like they get a “deal” and many buyers have unreasonable expectations – resale homes are used homes; they are not new construction.

…They also are prepared to walk away if things don’t go their way – there will be another house that suits their needs and wants; five or six years ago, another house would come on the market, but it would probably have been more expensive.

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Why Use a Buyer-Broker Agreement?

I tend to use buyer broker agreements with all of my buyer clients fairly early on in our buyer client realtor relationships and this reason is this: first and foremost it lays out my fiduciary duties to my buyer clients. … I approach it as something that I will be asking for, but the first couple of meetings is sort of a time of dating of us feeling each other out and seeing if we are good matches, if we want to work with each other. Buyers and Realtors tend to spend a lot of time with each other, anywhere from six to 1,000 hours together looking for houses and home inspections and just time in the car and meeting the kids. … So pretty much if you need a page to explain the perils of why dual agency is bad, really, you might want to get rid of it altogether, but I write in all my buyer broker agreements that I will not do single agent dual agency.

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Buying a house in 2011 – What Advice do you have now?

Help Jeannine get educated on how to buy a house … Never one to put off day dreaming today about something that won’t be reality until tomorrow, I’ve already started to casually glance at real estate listings. I used to have some house characteristics in mind, but this browsing has me thinking about very specific locations, down to the actual street. … She may be buying in 2011, but she’s preparing now …

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Radio this Weekend – WNRN Sunday Morning Wakeup

We’ll be discussing year-end statistics about the Charlottesville region’s real estate market, prognostications for 2010, real estate and technology trends that consumers need to pay attention to and probably quite a bit more. … Maybe a little plug for Nest Realty – Charlottesville’s newest real estate brokerage If you’re going to buy a home in Charlottesville in 2010, when should you start looking? … ) ( now ) (Same if you’re looking to sell a home in Charlottesville ) … … (have you noticed the Meebo bar at the bottom? … I love doing radio for some of the same reasons I love writing this blog – one of the foremost reasons is that live radio forces me to prepare …

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Prepping to Buy a House in Charlottesville

Now is the time when people really start to talk about these things in earnest, so here is the thing: if you’re thinking about buying a house, it’s a great time to buy! … But if you’re thinking about buying in the Spring: – now is the time to start researching. – Drive through neighborhoods, see how they’re decorated if that interests you or if it disinterests you. It’s good to know what you might be getting yourself into. – Start scouting things out, ask questions, search for homes and find a realtor (I am one) and start looking for vacant houses so you have a feel for what you’re going to see come Spring when houses come on the market. – Prices now are starting to moderate even more. … Start interviewing buyers agents , ask questions, because when you’re talking about interviewing buyers agents , you’re really talking about spending a lot of time with somebody who is hopefully going to be someone you like, trust, and is a professional who is experienced.

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Thanks Albemarle Family Readers

The readers of Albemarle Family magazine (truly one of the best resources for families in the Charlottesville and Albemarle area) voted recently in all sorts of categories. Their inaugural ” Winning Picks for Family-Friendly Fun and Services ” selections covered virtually every segment of the Charlottesville/Albemarle area and economy. … For Favorite Real Estate Company, Nest Realty Group (the firm in which I am one of three partners ) got the nod as #3 . 1 and 2 were Roy Wheeler and Real Estate III respectively. … At the time of voting, we were a six-person firm ( now 8 ) versus 96 and 221 .* Albemarle Family Magazine readers in Charlottesville/Albemarle votes for Jim Duncan and Nest Realty Group I was further surprised to have been voted the #3 Realtor by their readers.

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