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When Does the Charlottesville Real Estate Season Begin?

Left as a message via the message box on the right last night: I’m looking for a house, but can’t find what I’m looking for east of town in the right price range. When do you think the “season” will begin and we will see more of a variety of listings on the market? … What this doesn’t show is what percentage of these listings sold or what their prices were … that’s a story for another day. If you’re interested in more detailed market reports about the Charlottesville regional real estate market, you may be interested in these reports:

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Five Years of Real Estate Blogging

For my readers and clients (and potential clients) – please contact me anytime with questions about the Charlottesville regional real estate market, story suggestions, tips, I worked hard on last year’s “blog-iversary” post where I looked back at four years of blogging about the Charlottesville real estate market , so I won’t do the same this year. … I and we at Nest will just continue doing what we think is right for our clients; ” Dual Agency is not in the client’s best interest — it’s only in the agent’s best interest “.

…Tools don’t make you good at what you do – in my case, representing clients. – My archives are getting full. – I’m trying to stick with my roots – writing about the Charlottesville real estate market, growth, politics, etc. .

…I serve on the Charlottesville Realtor Association Board of Directors , a committee or workgroup here or there, just finished my fairly fruitless term on the Virginia Association of Realtors’ Public Policy Group, will be beginning service on a VAR Group tasked with evaluating Virginia’s Agency laws (because, since the early ’90’s “much has changed in real estate with the advent of new technologies, business practices and consumer expectations.”) and will continue to serve on National Association of Realtors Groups and Committees whenever I am asked.

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