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Will Sellers Believe Us Now?

When we say that print advertising is a means by which to satiate sellers and not an effective way to market a house, will sellers finally take note of the reality of the market? The LA Times’ shuttering / merging of its real estate section is a sign of the times, and one that Realtors and Sellers should recognize (I think that Buyers already know this).

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Social Media Explained and Expanded

| View | Upload your own For example – I can be contacted here in a variety of ways; below are a couple of the many. (the closest thing to a resume I have to offer) Jim Duncan's friendfeed

…A few of the topics we plan to discuss are – -owners being upside-down when trying sell their house -being uncomfortable buying in these times, even though it may be the best time around -how much should a seller lower the sales price?

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Tracking Gen Y in real estate

Does that work for [NEW TAB] Brazen Careerist : In the middle of a marketing presentation, I was talking about integrating Social Media into a pretty large company’s summer marketing and branding plans. … I’m still trying to figure out how best to use this “new” insight and target this market, but they likely will be among the next wave of homebuyers and sellers.

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Words all home sellers and listing agents should read

Tracking the Bloodhound Unchained conference in Phoenix via Twitter … and in particular, Russell Shaw, listing agent extraordinaire (which is likely underestimating him) … for a quick bona fides on Russell Shaw, read this : If you think traditional Realtors have had it rough imagine what it is like for the discount real estate companies. … The small discount companies aren’t even doing that well. some of the tweets about his presentation, in 140 characters or less: Courtesy of @AndyKaufman : Russell Shaw – I haven’t run a print ad in 16 years.

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This is a test – it is only a test (of print advertising)

I have long advocated against print advertising – in 2006 , 2007 , and this year (there are more stories here, but this is but a sampling) and my argument has been consistent – there is no method by which to track print advertising’s ROI. … Maybe I’m wrong about this experiment, but there is only one way to learn – and failing is a great way to learn. Curb-places-cville-realcentralva-print-test.png * The incorrect data displayed in this week’s issue aside, I think this could be a good venue.

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