Words all home sellers and listing agents should read

Tracking the Bloodhound Unchained conference in Phoenix via Twitter … and in particular, Russell Shaw, listing agent extraordinaire (which is likely underestimating him) … for a quick bona fides on Russell Shaw, read this:

If you think traditional Realtors have had it rough imagine what it is like for the discount real estate companies. In my area, with my stats way down (a little over 75 million production in the past 12 months) my group outsells all of the Help U Sell offices here combined. They have 14 offices (that someone is paying rent on) showing in our MLS and my group does more business than all 14 of them combined – and this is a national company. The small discount companies aren’t even doing that well.

some of the tweets about his presentation, in 140 characters or less:

Courtesy of @AndyKaufman:

Russell Shaw – I haven’t run a print ad in 16 years. Online listing distribution as far & wide as possible.

Also by Andy:

Comps meant nothing on the way up and once again they mean nothing on the way down. No showings = too high, no matter what.

Bolding is mine.

From @MarkEckenrode:

shaw: stay aware of markets needs and adjust your marketing message accordingly

From @JeffRoyce:

Russell Shaw: Put pictures of houses in your marketing even if it’s a dump. Because if you’re selling a dump, you sell a dump.

I wish I could have made the conference, but I am grateful for the knowledge, and in many ways I want to emulate Russell’s success.

More Russell Shaw here:

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