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NGIC Employees can choose Their Own Buyer Representation

Neither I nor my company will not be one of those going on this trip to court the future residents of Central Virginia, but that doesn’t mean that our Buyer Agency services offered won’t be available to these employees; we just won’t have the initial one-on-one opportunity to introduce ourselves. … An important note – the Charlottesville/Albemarle/Greene (otherwise known as “Central Virginia) region does not have reliable public transit (yet) – although local government officials are doing their respective best to extract whatever they can – (bolding mine) Supervisor David Slutzky (Rio) asked how many people might be in that “contractor tail” in addition to the 1,000 personnel being relocated.

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Where to Search for Rentals in Charlottesville

Courtesy of the C-Ville blog citing a newsletter from the Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors – All those home builders banking on selling houses to new National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) employees may be in for a rude awakening.

… Posts of enduring interest for buyers This is where I point prospective buyers/renters – the rental market is far more fragmented with the “for sale” market – The HooK’s classifieds C-Ville’s classifieds Daily Progress Blue Ridge Apartment Council Craigslist Charlottesville MLS While I make my living representing buyers and seller clients, often it is in their best interest to rent for at least six months to get a feel of the area, a lay-of-the-land, if you will.

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Better to Beg Forgiveness Than Ask Permission

With ceilings placed higher than the storage space maximum, the basements become a new floor on the buildings that could be occupied for future offices, thus requiring Wood to build 200 additional parking spaces , or seek a waiver from that standard. … Because we have heard storage is actually laboratory space as well, so we are trying to get a better handle on what the real use of this space is,” said Graham.

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Where to Look For Government Contractor Jobs in Charlottesville

With all the government folks being relocated to the area as part of the BRAC (Base Realignment and Closing) deal, one question that I am frequently asked is – where does one find information on jobs – it’s not like the DIA, CIA, NSA, etc have the most open facilities around. The National Grounds Intelligence Center (NGIC) is going to provide quite a few jobs over the next several years; being aware of their impact is going to be crucial.

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