Staging homes

Staging a home – more and more this is becoming an absolute must.  Buyers now have more options than they have had in some time, so Sellers must actually do some work to prepare their homes for multiple showings. The property I am marketing now in Minor Hill is one of the best-prepared homes I have seen in some time (the fact that it is my listing is beside the point; the owners are meticulous and well-prepared).

This is an excellent article that lays out some simple tips on staging. They are all good advice; the best one is the most simple – “Don’t skip a single room: “Which rooms wouldn’t you want to sell?”” I hired professional stagers for my property in Wintergreen. They did an excellent job. The house is sparsely decorated, and they took the time to analyze the property’s best features and then highlight said features.  HT: NYtimes.

I have been saying for sometime that as the market shifts, professional advise is going to become more and more valuable.

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